STAGE 5-The 1980's-The Bahamas-Eleuthera


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While living in Manhattan, he frequented all Broadway original cast musicals, dined at the Algonquin, and was a habitué of all the modern Art Galleries, the Moma, the Whitney, the Guggenheim, etc.

His collection of modern art, (world-class British and Italian Bronzes, Paintings, Drawings) amplified because of these vivid art experiences, his directing career was also active in Manhattan & Hollywood working with such great comedy & sports stars as:

  • Sid Caesar
  • George Burns
  • John Huston
  • Jackie Gleason
  • Bea Arthur
  • Betty White
  • Joe DiMaggio
  • Jake La Motta
  • “catfish” Hunter
    Stage 6-1980’s 1990’s: The Bahamas, Eleuthera, “Windsong"
    Always gravitating to the oceans, through the period he acquired an Atlantic Ocean home on the island of Eleuthera, “Windsong”, where he lived 4-8 months of the year, traveling from the Bahamas to the U.S. & Canada for his work assignments.

    The Bahamian soujourns were a healthy , active respite to his heavy work schedule, giving him the opportunity to begin activities, creatively writing television documentaries by the vivid colours of the Bahamian ambience, skies, reefs, breakers, the storms, the sunrises and sunsets. Jacques Cousteau became a friend and neighbour, an influence, through this period of his life, with many Oceanside conversations about nature, the sea, humour & the world’s ecology.
    The 1990’s
    His interests in art and writing increased, as well as living between his ocean home and his granite stone farmhouse near Stratford. He preferred living in the Bahamas by the Atlantic for the best part of the year, returning to Canada to care for his healthy 90-year old mother.

    Because of almost 40 years of profound comedy and humour experiences, at this time the wrote a series of lectures on the “History of Humour” accompanied with a skillfully edited video of the world’s classic comedy stars, their sketches, features and comedy vignettes. These lectures were of 3-hour duration. He successfully presented these lectures to various audiences at universities, clubs and businesses where they were enthusiastically received.
    The Millennium-the 2000’s
    Returning to his roots and his hometown, St. Catharines, Ontario, he relocated to Effingham, village of Ridgeville, Ontario and quickly reacquainted himself with old friends and family, becoming a seasoned member of the community. The local radio station CKTB, and the St. Catharines Standard quickly featured him on interviews and articles. His whole life has been associated with humour, film and television. Consequently, through his lifelong associations and experiences with the comedy greats, Jackie Gleason, Red Skelton, George Burns, Sid Caesar, Marty Feldman, Jonathon Winters. He has also had numerous conversations and encounters with world-class celebrities, sports & political figures, Gerald Ford, Nelson Rockefeller, Lady Bird Johnson, Peter Ustinov, Francois Truffaut, Tennessee Williams, Henry Mancini, Terry Waite, James Henson, Ernest Hemmingway’s Skipper of the “Pilar” Gregorio Fuentes.

    Through his comedy associations with Chuck McAnn of Hollywood, He stared the “Sons of the Desert” Laurel & Hardy Film Group in Toronto in the early 60’s. The “Tit for Tat” Toronto Tent has been active now for 40 years.
    Because of his film and art direction aptitudes, he was artistically influenced all his life, and became a devotee of Fine Art, architecture, antiques, wine, cuisine, and fine automobiles. His collections can boast of Henry Moore, Marino Marini, Barbara Hepworth, Jean Arp, Zao-Wou_Ki. A patron of John Gould, collector of Mouton Rothschild, Chateau Latour, Chateau Chev Al Blanc, Chateau Petrus, as well as DeTomaso, Shelby, Classic Mercedes-Benz & Aston-Martin.

    He became a recognized Abstract Artist, & link to rriot

    His paintings have been shown at the Prince Arthur Galleries, Toronto, a One-Man-Show at the “Pumphouse Gallery” Niagara-on-the-Lake, and a spring 2003 showing at the Albright-Knox Gallery, Buffalo, N.Y. He is representing in Private Collections.

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